How Does Bail Work?

How do I find out where someone is being held in jail and how much the bail amount is?

You can call HART BAIL BONDS at 1-844-714-2245 and a bail specialist will help you locate your person of interest and determine the bail amount for FREE.

Why is the bail set at a certain amount?

Every alleged crime that causes an arrest has a market value. This value determines the amount of bail required. It is called the bail schedule. The more serious the crime the higher the bail amount will be.

I don’t have the full amount of money for bail or I don’t want to spend that amount of money– what can I do?

You do not have to pay the full amount of the bail. You can use HART BAIL BONDS and have them post a bond on your behalf. The way it works is that Hart Bail Bonds will charge you a percentage of the actual bail amount – usually 6%-10%. So on a $10,000 bail with a 10% rate, the out of pocket cost would be $1,000. You pay Hart Bail Bonds the $1,000 and they cover the rest of the bond so the jail release can happen quickly. We accept all forms of payment and payment plans are available. Depending on the amount of the bail, we do require collateral and co-signors.

How quickly does this process take before they get out of jail?

Hart Bail Bonds has the fastest most efficient response time in the industry. We have bail agents across the country just minutes from every jail and court house. We will gather all your information and paperwork from you, locate your person of interest, file the bond paperwork at the jail or court house location and track the individual until they are released. This process can take anywhere from 1-8 hours depending on how busy the jail or court house is.

After I hire Hart Bail Bonds to post bail will the Judge put her back in custody at a later court date?

If the person makes all of the court appearances, doesn’t violate any conditions of bail, like picking up another arrest then they should be fine. However if another arrest does take place or any other violation of bail occurs then extra charges can be filed and the court will likely increase the bail amount to reflect the new charges. In this rare case additional money will have to be paid to Hart Bail Bonds to file another bond. This situation is not common.